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Atlanta School of Massage, named as one of the ‘nation’s most prestigious massage therapy schools’ in a recent article in USA Today’s, USA Weekend magazine, celebrates 25 years in the Massage Therapy industry.

ATLANTA (September 15, 2005) – Atlanta School of Massage, started in 1980 by visionary Leticia Allen, owner and co-founder of the school. Leticia’s dream was to move massage therapy into the mainstream and for it to be looked upon as a respectable profession, recognized for its therapeutic benefits. This was a big dream considering the image issues the profession was facing in the1980s. Despite the somewhat tarnished reputation of the industry caused by the more seedy elements in the business world, Leticia was determined to make her dream a reality.

The first step in realizing the dream was to open a school, Atlanta School of Massage, to provide students with the best possible Massage Therapy education. Over 4,000 students have graduated from the school and they have been a key factor in changing the way massage therapy is perceived. The students are highly sought after and many companies exclusively target graduates from this school. These exceptional graduates have gone on to become massage therapists, teachers, school owners, spa owners, authors and renowned lecturers.

Atlanta School of Massage is not only a leader in Massage Therapy education, but also in Massage Therapy research. The school partnered with Emory University on a study that shows the beneficial effects of neuromuscular therapy on patients with Parkinson’s disease. The promising results of this study will soon be published in medical journals and presented at conferences around the country. Massage research is really only in its infancy, there is much more to discover and Atlanta School of Massage will continue to show leadership in this important area.

Slowly things in the Massage industry changed and thanks to the leadership, dedication and determination of Leticia Allen and her staff, the dream is now a reality. People schedule massage therapy appointments into their busy lives because they know how much better it makes them feel. Students seek out Atlanta School of Massage because they know they will receive the best massage therapy education available. Massage therapy is now a growth industry with more people discovering the benefits every day.

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Day Program: July 29, 2024
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