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Foam Roller

My job is so interesting: week to week, clients of all shapes and sizes sign up for corporate chair massage.  I am always so grateful for interesting and rewarding work while doing something I love.

I often get asked about sore muscles, exercising, stretching, and lately, I’ve been asked a lot about foam rollers.  As you are well aware, chair massage can offer a lot of relief for tight upper body muscles (i.e. The trapezius, scapula, rhomboids, levator scapula, etc.) for the day-in and day-out tasks at the computer.

BUT…the problem still remains how to best offer the same relief for the glutes and legs! When offering table massage, I am continually reminded of how often the glute muscles are tight, short, and very tender when pressed with moderate to deeper pressure.  When any muscle is not cared for we often lose our flexibility, mobility and functioning over the course of time.

What can help with this sluggishness? I hereby suggest the “foam-rolling” option for many reasons. This small investment to buy this type of tool allows you to gain maximum benefits.

The concept is simple. By applying the proper amount of pressure to the lower leg, IT band, and glute muscles, the foam roller can aid injured muscles in recovery and help assist them back to their normal functioning. I believe that a lot of long distance runners (my sister, Linda, for one) benefit a “roll out” after each long run to restore and aid with healing.

Many gyms offer the basic equipment and classes to allow access to all types of athletes. Why “knot” challenge yourself to get in this fabulous habit to maintain and restore your muscle health?

Foam Roller Basics from Runtastic Fitness

Creative thinking, daily commitment and the placement of this valuable tool in your house would offer the reminder and help encourage you along. I personally keep the foam roller in sight when watching TV or while stretching on a yoga mat. If the tool is handy, it’s more readily available and more often used.

Do you have a routine that you could incorporate a few additional minutes of stretching or rolling to MAXIMIZE your wellness efforts?

Writing of wellness, why “knot” contact Massage Kneads based in Maryland so we can help handle some of the heavy lifting! With sore muscles from long days, weeks, months and years of desk of computer work, Massage Kneads can help with tight and sore muscles.

Janet Constantino, Guest Blogger

“In 2001, I graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage and have never looked back on my mission to bring peace and harmony into a stressful, work-centered culture. In October 2006, I started my business, Massage Kneads, and have been enriched professionally ever since. My college business degree and my passion for massage was the perfect marriage to Massage Kneads! With 13+ years of medical sales behind me, I realized that in all offices, large and small, the “knead” for some relief within the corporate world.”

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