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Sports fans of all kinds unite during this crazy and fun time of year due to March Madness. The craziness starts with picking your favorite college teams in hopes of declaring a winner before “the games begin!”

This theme brings to mind a recent article I read about the Indiana State University’s sports program. As you may know, all are crazy for the many sports programs they offer including women’s field hockey, softball, football, baseball, basketball, track, soccer, and golf; the list goes on and on!

It was five years ago that the university opted to offer a massage minor option. Can you imagine this program on a huge college campus? Fast forward with this update that the students had such interest that they have since expanded to add a second instructor! Forward thinking on the part of administration to offer a no-degree massage certification program.

What does this allow for students? Great options like advanced massage training for those students majoring in fields such as physical therapy, exercise science and other related health careers. This program is yet another indication that wellness programs like chair massage AND table massage are here to stay!

Not only do students benefit from this training within their clinic, so do athletes that can enjoy the bodywork. A win-win for all parties!

Janet Constantino, Guest Blogger

“In 2001, I graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage and have never looked back on my mission to bring peace and harmony into a stressful, work-centered culture. In October 2006, I started my business, Massage Kneads, and have been enriched professionally ever since. My college business degree and my passion for massage was the perfect marriage to Massage Kneads! With 13+ years of medical sales behind me, I realized that in all offices, large and small, the “knead” for some relief within the corporate world.”

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