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Chair Massage Can Enhance Your Work Life Balance

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As I enjoyed a recent getaway trip to Vegas, I saw massage therapists at every stop of my journey: in the airports, indoor malls and of course on billboards advertising massage.  I was impressed that my hotel offered in suite table massage(s) along with a pristine workout facility and classes which all promoted wellness (smoothie tastings, yoga classes, and  even water aerobics!)

You do not have to look too far in Vegas to find any service  you may seek!

On-site chair massage continues to grow in visibility as chair massage therapists can be seen in airports, malls and the executive suites of large and small businesses alike. Why all this interest and growth in the past few years?

Employers understand the value of keeping and retaining professional and trained employees. Major companies are now utilizing massage therapists all the more to enhance the corporate cultural experience. Large companies like Google, Coca-Cola and the like realize the value of on-site chair massage. My blog last summer highlighted why chair massage and other offerings seem to bring more excitement to the workplace. Read the details here: Chair massage & best companies

Fast forward to a new year and the reasons continue to grow for wellness programs such as chair massage, yoga, etc.  Many large and small companies are trying to stay relevant with their employees.  As salaries often remain the same, perks continue to grow to keep and retain top talent for the important jobs within the company.  Wellness programs are relatively inexpensive and yet add great benefit for fostering a corporate culture that promotes wellness.

Again, when today’s workforce seeks employment, job applicants are interested not only the salary but other wellness programs including chair massage, an in-house work out facility, training programs, etc.

Wouldn’t your HR department be thrilled to get these types of inquiries? It suggests that employees are keen for new ideas and programs that promote wellness inside the office.

Janet Constantino

“In 2001, I graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage and have never looked back on my mission to bring peace and harmony into a stressful, work-centered culture. In October 2006, I started my business, Massage Kneads, and have been enriched professionally ever since. My college business degree and my passion for massage was the perfect marriage to Massage Kneads! With 13+ years of medical sales behind me, I realized that in all offices, large and small, the “knead” for some relief within the corporate world.”

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