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Nineteen years ago, I made one of the best and biggest decisions of my career. I chose The Atlanta School of Massage for my massage certification. With many opts to choose from in Atlanta, I found the staff to be most knowledgeable, interesting and INTERESTED in the Open House prior to confirming my decision.

Deciding to complete the Neuromuscular Massage Therapy program at ASM, I learned more about how to best solve physical and medical concerns while growing my skills and trade beyond what I thought possible. 

Early on, we were told that we too could palpate muscle tightness through our hands and even our elbows. Impossible I thought! Now, it is a given and trusted skill set after years of working when offering hours and hours of mobile chair and table massage each week.

What does it take to become a massage therapist you ask? 720 hours of class work, exams in every subject from Anatomy, Self Care, Business and many hours of practice, practice, practice with different students all day!

My life has been enriched every since and many often inquire of the strength “kneaded” for this physically demanding job. Through the gentle guidance from compassionate teachers and fellow therapists, we ALL grew both personally and professionally each day. With specific (and sometimes annoying reminders in school) guidelines for proper body mechanics, I have been happy to keep up the tempo, pace and deep pressure skills for 18 years this August! 

I also suggest certification for various trades to both the young and old as it never fails to complete my life in so many ways; helping and understanding other’s “knead” for wellness regardless of age, daily stressors and/or physical limitations. 

Grateful, happy and still working is the way I prefer to operate! What about you? 


MassageKneadsAs a graduate of the Atlanta School of Massage in 2001, Janet Constantino, CEO of Massage Kneads, has been passionate about offering mobile chair massage to large and small businesses.

In 2006, Janet started Massage Kneads to offer corporate chair massage in Maryland to large and small local businesses.  

Since 2001, Janet has taken many classes related to massage and has been referred to as “curious” and a professional therapist.  

When not offering chair massage, Janet enjoys her family, outdoor activities, lots of tennis and travel with her family.


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Day Program: October 3, 2022 Weeknight Program: October 24, 2022
Day Program: October 3, 2022
Weeknight Program: October 24, 2022
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