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Massage Therapy Tips from a Seasoned Industry Professional

I have many reasons to celebrate; becoming a massage therapist 17 years ago from the Massage School Atlanta tops the list! 


 My massage training as a Neuromuscular Therapist, LMT, has served me well through the years when working with every-day people, office workers, tired and busy moms along with office workers and athletes requesting sports massage. It is the gift that continues to give despite the worry of time, money and effort put in many, many years ago.

This is my chosen profession and it suits me! This chosen profession as a massage therapist “works” with my lifestyle as it offer a flexible schedule, a viable living helping others, physical work with my hands and body, sometime unusual and thought-provoking anatomy questions, and interesting work to name a few!


These are the 17 years of lessons I have learned so far in my career about being a life-long student of massage!

  1. Be open, flexible and professional at all times whether in or outside of your work environment.
  2. When working, dress professionally; closed-toed shoes, khaki pants and a polo shirt with your company logo are acceptable.
  3. Offer a quality massage each and every session.
  4. Stay on time for each and every massage, it helps your day run more smoothly.
  5. Focus on the physical areas mentioned during your health intake; the top areas of concern when working with each individual client.
  6. Select very generic and soothing music which most clients would associate with i.e. nature or instrumental music if what is often preferred.
  7. Show up, be on time and offer a light, medium or heavy pressure massage to the client’s preference.
  8. Check in with your client about the pressure applied per their request.
  9. Surround yourself with like-minded therapists that have the same values and work ethic as you do.
  10. Be prepared throughout your shift with light protein snacks and water for longer shifts.
  11. Know your limits on the number of hours that bodywork can be offered especially with chair massage.
  12. Continue to seek additional skills or modalities to enhance your massages.
  13. Continue to read health and wellness material to enhance your knowledge and to offer interesting conversation about wellness to your client’s.
  14. Keep all documentation updated including state or national licensing, insurance and continuing education to post during your massage session(s).
  15. Schedule your own massage and stick to it, with a set schedule!
  16. Protect your hands and be gentle with them as they are your tools for your chosen profession.
  17. Breathe, relax and enjoy the gift you have been given!

JanetConstantino_MassageKneads_ProfessionalMassageTherapist_030918 Blog by Janet Constantino
CEO, Massage Kneads

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