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Affects Environment Employee Massage Program

Recently, I’ve read up on an interesting topic about work spaces. Work spaces vary from each business to the next, and can go from many different styles. The most known type of area for work is the traditional cubicles. You know, the ones where you have a small area to yourself, a wall, and then someone crammed right next to you. Studies show that while this may be the best type of work space area wise, it isn’t really the best option for productivity. Being “trapped” in a small area with people breathing down your neck can be uncomfortable and may prevent you from being as productive as you would in another setting.

This has been a topic of debate for quite some time now, as companies are stuck deciding if it’s worth it to cash the extra money on better workspaces. And from the research I’ve done, it is definitely something companies might want to dip a bit of their funds into. Take Google for example. Their location in Silicon Valley has an amazing campus with many different things to take in. Google didn’t want their employees to be stuck in an office where they couldn’t think outside of the box. They wanted something that was special, something that would help inspire their employees in a cheerful way. Open areas, gyms, game areas, areas to ride your bike throughout the area, and even a nap room to catch up on sleep! These are all places that have been implemented into businesses to help keep inspiration in the workplace and keep productivity at a high.

Its obvious that workplace changes can make a big impact on the company, however, they don’t have to be as drastic as some of the ones listed. Just by expanding your offices to a more open, freestyle space has shown a boost in focus and a drop in stress levels among workers. Maybe instead of those boring desks, bring out some fun creative tables, whiteboards or even some cool rolling chairs. Colors are also something that can affect the mood of your employees. Instead of a boring old beige, why not green? Or maybe a bright blue? When people see these colors, they tend to be in a more inspired state of mind as opposed to a dull color.

Work space changes will not be complete without some fun and helpful ways to kick back. With the extra space in your office, you might want to use it for something the whole office could enjoy. Parties are a great way to relax the mood of your office and bring everyone together. It is important to have good social events to help get to know the other people you share your office space with. Another good way to help your employees kick back is to bring wellness programs into the office. By showing your employees you care, you are showing them how to reach their full potential and you are helping them reduce their stress that may be building up for them. Massage Kneads specializes in bringing stress reduction straight to the employees using on-site chair massage. Your employees will know just how much you appreciate them.

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Day Program: December 13, 2021
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