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Ever wonder what is the BEST tool to avoid excessive neck strain and pain? I suggest stretching and mobile chair massage, of course.

As a mobile chair massage therapist for 18 years now, I can attest to the many comments about tight muscles and strain during routine office work. The clients continue to work through it day in and day out. With some simple stretching and ice therapy, the pain would decrease and mobility would increase.  Completing simple exercises would be valuable time spent to avoid the pain and sometimes tension headaches which are common place in the office.

Solutions for you

Stretches for NeckAfter learning about how bad posture can affect your mood and your energy, you might want to try a few changes in your lifestyle. The first one is relatively easy and can help show you results over a period of time. Changing your desk setup to promote proper posture is a small change that can help you in incredible ways. There are a wide variety of ways you could go about this, whether you buy chair pads to help you sit up straight or repositioning your computer for easier access to the screen and keyboard.

Here is a list of some simple exercises:

Side to side stretching; move your head slowly to the right side and hold for five to ten seconds. Complete three times. Repeat on the opposite side.

Ear to Ear Tilt; simply tilt your right ear to your right shoulder.  Using the right arm, GENTLY pull the head down to lower the right ear to a comfortable pressure.  Complete three times. Repeat on the opposite side.

Pectoral Stretch; Stand in the doorway, with the right foot in front while holding on to the door frame. Lean forward with a comfortable amount of body weight.  Hold for eight to ten seconds.  Complete three times. Repeat on the opposite side.

Spending years using bad posture is a difficult habit to break and many of us have yet to do so. This can cause pain within your back that is very hard to get rid of. To take a step in the right direction, I suggest a company-wide chair massage from Massage Kneads.

Our experts will make sure to relieve pain from the common problem areas you have from bad posture. With this pain gone, expect to have a happier mood overall and increased energy levels! Request your free quote today and experience pain relief.

Want to read some actual client reviews? Look no further!

This review from Corrine says it all!
15 Minutes – Big Improvement
“Janet can do more in 15 minutes to help my neck and shoulder tension and anyone else has been able to do. I feel so much better today after only one short session.”

Is your business environment in need of some stress-relief, wellness, AND productivity? Optimize health in your office and bring Massage Kneads into your office for some “kneaded” stress-relief.

Mobile chair massage offers many benefits!

For more information on how we can best meet your “kneads”, contact CEO Janet Constantino TODAY through the Contact Us link on our website at for more information.



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