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If you work for a company, you already know about something that isn’t talked about very commonly, vacation days. These are days getting time away from the office can be not only tricky but time-consuming when planning to take a relaxing trip. Some even save those days up for a maybe a week to themselves, relaxing and rejuvenating in the comfort of their own home for a “staycation.”  According to recent studies, it seems that many full-time workers are not using vacation but constantly “saving” vacation days.


You may think to yourself, maybe these people are actually saving these days for a month-long vacation in Hawaii or some other exotic trip. The fact of the matter is, when asked, these people claim that they feel more productive by not using up the vacation time they have. This may seem like a bizarre thing to comprehend, as it was to me when I first read up on it. It does, however, make quite a bit of sense once you put it into perspective using the work industry.

In order to seem like you’re always on task and ahead of the game, you need to go to work as often as possible. By working often and keeping up with all of the information, you will seem very productive. I know for a fact I feel very productive and up to date with all of the latest news when I work often. It’s a feeling you gain from the rush of work and the ability to get through it at a decent time. Just because you are doing all of these things to get your work in on time, doesn’t mean you are actually at your full level of productivity. This is the part where all of those extra vacation days you’ve been “saving” will come in.

Once you realize that vacation time is actually implemented to help keep your levels of productivity at a high, you might reconsider saving those days forever. A vacation allows you to clear your mind and bring yourself to a state with no stress. This can be any type of vacation!  If you plan on spending it with your friends, your family, or alone. By surrounding yourself in a comfortable or exciting environment, you are able to bring your mind away from the workplace and give yourself some time.

Any effort to reduce your stress levels can actually help your productivity levels. Maybe use a vacation day and go to a spa with the girls or even spend a weekend with your family in the mountains. It doesn’t have to be something big and spectacular, just something to take you somewhere else for a little while.

One could also make small minor lifestyle improvements throughout the day to bring stress levels down. Lighting some nice scented candles and drinking a cup of tea by the fireplace is an easy solution as well if you still plan to “save” those vacation days.

The quickest way to stress reduction is to target the source of the stress in your body. This can be achieved by a licensed, trained and experienced massage therapist with Massage Kneads. This type of wellness program on-site can often “hit the spot” just right and offer stress-relief in order to keep productivity levels up.

This is what one client said about his recent mobile chair massage!



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“Janet always does a good job and is very attentive to specific problem areas. She listens and adapts to each client’s preferences.”


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