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With temperatures rising, humidity increasing and blazing hot sun rays in full effect, it’s hard to take time for yourself. Summer is a great time to enjoy some relaxation and have fun, but there are many stresses that can come with it as well. Making sure to stay cool and satisfied is very important. I have decided to make a short list to help all of you stay stress free and relaxed, so you can enjoy a stress free summer without any worries.


 I decided to start with the most important aspect on this list, which is making sure you stay completely hydrated throughout the hot summer months. Most people think they are getting all the water that they need and don’t think too much of it. However, it has been proven that everyone should be consuming an estimated amount of 2 liters of water per day. There have been case studies revealing that many people do not actually reach that goal in a day. So even if you’re home relaxing, at work, or outside in the sun, water is important, and the heat can cause our bodies to require it more than usual.


This is important any time of the year, but I thought I would touch up on exercise. It is critical that you keep on a plan that you may keep throughout the other seasons of the year, but it is definitely okay to alter them. Summer alterations usually consist of more indoor activities, including an indoor pool to swim laps, yoga, any indoor gyms and many more possibilities. Staying inside more is very important during the summer because everyone wants to stay cool and there is a very good middle ground when it comes to still getting your daily workout.

Skin and Eye Protection

As mentioned before, the sun’s rays can have a very nice feeling, but can also cause some major problems, skin wise. While it may sound silly, make sure you put in a bit of effort to apply some sun screen regardless of what you may be doing outside that day. There are many different variants of sunscreens ranging from numbers such as 10, 15, and 20 to numbers in the 100s. If you’re going to the city for a walk and will only be outside for a little bit, consider a light sunscreen to cover sensitive areas such as your face. If you’re going to the beach however, make sure you get the number that fits your skin type the best, and cover up! Your skin is very important and maintaining it will be imperative to your health. And don’t forget your eyes, sunglasses are always necessary when going outside in the sun!

SensAbility Spa Treatments

With all that said and done, staying healthy during the summer doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Make sure you don’t let it get to you, and one of the best ways to wind down at the end of a stressful day is getting a spa treatment such as a massage, reflexology or a hydrating facial. The teaching clinic of Atlanta School of Massage and Institute of Aesthetics, SensAbility, offers exceptional wellness services at a great price. Facials at SensAbility are customized using quality professional products that contain botanicals and marine extracts. Natural, organic products are chosen just for you, based on a personal skin analysis. All facials include cleansing, exfoliation, treatment mask and moisturizer. Additionally, each facial includes a hand and arm massage. Only all-natural and organic products are applied in all our treatments. SensAbility offers a full range of affordable, restorative massage services. You can request that your massage be focused on relaxation and stress reduction, to assist in rehabilitation of tense areas, or to address long-held tension patterns.

Janet Constantino, Guest Blogger

“In 2001, I graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage and have never looked back on my mission to bring peace and harmony into a stressful, work-centered culture. In October 2006, I started my business, Massage Kneads, and have been enriched professionally ever since. My college business degree and my passion for massage was the perfect marriage to Massage Kneads! With 13+ years of medical sales behind me, I realized that in all offices, large and small, the “knead” for some relief within the corporate world.”

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