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I am Lee Buckton originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Currently studying massage at Atlanta School of Massage. Knowing the power of human touch has been an intrinsic part of me. So much is communicated via touch; in the past I’ve massaged people when they seemed distressed, not really knowing what I was doing.  Realizing now, with the knowledge I’ve gained, by placing my hands on someone with the intent to alleviate their present problems does wonders. I love the idea of healing through touch, without adverse side effects and naturally without pharmaceuticals.

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After moving to the USA, I decided I needed a career change to accompany my change of location. I was looking for something that felt more aligned with the gifts I had to offer to the Universe. I had done months of intense introspection; I found massage and was certain that this work was connected to me on a deeper level.

I’m generally the Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey of my family and friends. I’ve always had a deep empathy for people, therefore I knew that my career needed to be people-centric. People have always come to me in a vulnerable state, and together we’ll communicate and raise them above whatever scenario, to their optimal state of being where the individual can practice gratitude and as a direct extension experience joy again.

Initially, I had as aspirations to finish my degree in Sociology and become a counselor. However, after much reflection, I went back to the drawing board and focused deeply on my intentions and motivations in life. I realized that, it feels more natural for me to heal someone’s body through touch. What is interesting, is that it is still “therapy” hence massage therapy. Through massage therapy, I can relieve people from their traumas and worries in life, through my education in massage therapy I ’ve learnt often times people harbor stress in their muscles. Through massage you can physically release their stress, leaving the client feeling as though a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. It’s greatly fulfilling to witness someone completely relieved of pain or stress once they get off my massage table. Some people come in unable to walk properly and after a massage they’re skipping!

I’ve always known massage was great, however since becoming a massage student, I’ve come to the realization massage is not just a one hour rub down. You can actually improve posture, circulation, release tension, flush their bodies of toxins and vast array of other benefits. I’ve found that touch with a healing intention can change someone’s life for the better.

I was in search of purpose and my internal GPS lead me to “Atlanta School of Massage.”

I am forever grateful for the knowledge and the connections I have made thus far.

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