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A Washington Post article stated “…Work is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. You really have to be there for a long period of time, and to do that, you have to take care of yourself.”

Wellness programs continue to blossom in all types of businesses and the payoff is of value to many employers. This same article states “Although companies benefit from wellness programs — studies show that companies save $3 for every $1 they invest in health programs — places that offer co-working can’t reap the same rewards. Still, the return on investment comes in other ways, such as retaining members.” I would bet that most would take those odds to increase their productivity and improve their health of their employees which results in fewer sick days and a “healthier” bottom line.Workplace Wellness Ideas

“Whether it’s building meditation and yoga into the workday or providing a quiet room for a massage, full-service work spaces aim to make sure work isn’t the only focus, but when it is, it’s laser-sharp.”

In addition to wellness programs, there are several action items which help to maximize your productivity in the office.  Here is a short list which is easy to manage!

  • Add plants to bring in nature from the outside
  • Bring in a desk lamp to add more light
  • Change your office chair to allow for better ergonomics and posture
  • Add additional storage space for better organization
  • Making a slight change to the position and angle of your computer monitor can make a HUGE difference with neck and eye strain

Think about the satisfaction of all those amenities – yoga, relaxation rooms, on-site chair massage, etc. all in one place along with increased productivity.  Like many others, I say “Yes, please!”



Blog by Janet Constantino
CEO, Massage Kneads

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