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The typical office worker sits at a desk all day long, hunching over computers because it’s his or her job. The worker types away, calling clients, organizing paperwork, selling products—all to help bring in the big bucks to his company, big or small. All the while, their head weighs down on the neck. The posture crumbles down through his or her spine. The fingers, curved over his keyboard, ache, while his or her wrists are threatened by carpal tunnel day in and day out. He’s tired, sore and hungry for a little more attention from the company he’s [quite literally] breaking his back for. He or she is overworked and typically stressed for a majority of the day. Does this sound familiar?

In reading studies online from the Project: Time Off, this organization notes that “Americans forfeited 212 million days, which is the equivalent to $62.2 billion in lost benefits. That means employees donated an individual average of $561 in work time to their employer in 2017.”

Shocking as it reads, it is probably common to all as the typical office worker is tied to emails, conference calls, and projects through the ease and use of modern-day technologies with high-speed internet.  



Topping off the list of reasons why vacation was taken included the lack of coverage, scheduling, the cost of a vacation and the corporate culture of taking and scheduling a vacation.

Those who travel have the excitement of planning the trip along with the actual travel which creates a win-win! Does your corporate culture support some “kneaded” time away from the office? Happiness increases with job duties, personal relationships, physical and mental well-being to name a few.

One suggestion is to “ease” into vacation plans and use up those days by planning long weekends including Fridays and Mondays out of the office.

Can’t get away for a vacation? Why “knot” include some of these ideas into your corporate culture to enhance and create stress-relief in your office environment?

  • On-site mobile chair massage
  • Living Wall
  • Meditation Classes
  • Soothing tea and coffee bar
  • Outdoor gardens for relaxation

Is your business environment in need of some stress-relief, wellness, AND productivity? Optimize health in your office and bring Massage Kneads into your office for some “kneaded” stress-relief.

For more information on how we can best meet your “kneads”, have your HR Department contact CEO Janet Constantino through the contact us link on our website at Corporate Massage Kneads for more information.

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