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Georgia massage school leader discusses the benefits and function of the GSN Sustainability Assessment Tool

Spa Network Congress at Sundance Resort in October. Sundance, a place that integrates artistic expression, environmental responsibility and successful commerce provided the perfect setting for GSN’s shared aspiration. Green Spa Network members, comprised of spa and wellness professionals, are pioneering leaders in raising awareness of sustainability in the industry. GSN’s mission is to promote the natural connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability, and the health of our planet. Atlanta School of Massage is currently the only massage school member of GSN.

Edie Morton gave a short presentation on the benefits and function of the GSN Sustainability Assessment Tool. The SAT, a living document, is a measurement tool that can help determine a business’s unique long-term vision towards greening. Morton, who leads sustainable business practices at Atlanta School of Massage, reported that the school had made considerable strides in ten of the fourteen SAT categories, including water conservation, waste reduction, and spa protocols.

“We began using the SAT in early 2010. The tool provides an organized platform and structure helpful towards embarking on a complex path,” said Morton. “The tool is like an organic roadmap which sheds light on your origin, provides a platform and strategic structure for the development of goals and next steps while documenting your progress. Initially, the scope can feel daunting; however, after assessing goals accomplished in our first year we were thrilled with our progress.”

As a leader in wellness education, it only makes sense that these green spa practices would be integrated into the school’s curriculum. Allen explained, “Our students are the massage therapists and estheticians of the future. We hope to provide them with knowledge and skills that can enable them to be change agents in their industries. They will be able to share this knowledge including healthy lifestyle choices with their peers and clients.”

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