Jeff ReiberWhat inspired you to become a massage therapist? 

My family has been in the health profession for many years. It was a natural and familiar path to pursue a career in wellness. I enjoyed performing massages so I researched the massage profession and here I am today, continuing to enjoy my profession and teaching others what I’ve learned through the years.

What is your role at ASM and what does it involve? 

I am a Clinic Supervisor and training to be a Lead Instructor.  A Clinic Supervisor assists students in applying the knowledge and skills they’ve learned in school on actual clientele. I ensure they are thorough in their client interview process and they are using proper fundamentals to deliver a professional massage. This allows them to be successful and maintain longevity in the massage industry.

What are some of your inspirations for teaching? 

I am inspired when students grasp the material and walk out of a massage session with a real connection with their client and know they truly helped the client with their concerns. We call it the “ah-ha” moment.

Do you have any tips to share with students interested in practicing spa therapies after graduating?

The tips I have for students are to be on time for each client, to create a connection of trust with their clients, and to always listen to the client’s expectations and strive to exceed those expectations. I always tell students it’s 50% personality and 50% of doing what the client asks.

How has your career in wellness enhanced your life? 

It has made me the therapist and teacher I am today. I truly enjoy helping clients and students reach their personal goals of well being. It is incredibly gratifying and a meaningful career helping people feel better.

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