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Thought I would post a blog about some commonly asked questions when clients book their chair massage events.

Here are few that continue to be asked so hope this informational blog helps!

What size is the chair? 

A typical massage chair is the same size as an office chair. It is best to schedule a room that allows space for the chair massage therapist to easily walk around the chair in a complete circle. Thus, allowing easy access to the client’s neck, shoulders, and upper back.

What is the maximum weight the massage chair will hold?

Again, a typical chair can probably accommodate a client that weighs between 250 lbs but no more than 300 lbs.

What else is required for the event when scheduling a chair massage wellness program?

Besides the corporate contract, it is often requested that the massage therapist has access to a small cup of water and a small trash can the disposable face cradles covers and disposable wipes.


What is the ideal time of day and length of massage? 

Many clients typically schedule the start of their wellness program around the lunchtime hours for three to six hours depending on the size of the office staff. The length of time for each chair massage depends on your budget and numbers of employees in your office. Most corporate clients opt for either 10 or 15 minutes per employee.

What are the benefits of seated chair massage?

  • Increased morale and productivity
  • Relief of stress and fatigue
  • Massage opens the mind and increases alertness
  • Massage increases brain power and sharpens the senses

What other forms are necessary when scheduling a chair massage wellness program?

  • Documentation (license, insurance, and a resume) for each assigned chair massage therapist upon request
  • Liability Releases (provided by Massage Kneads) to be signed by each employee
  • A sign-up sheet used to schedule employee massages
  • A corporate contract which details your event, pricing, your confirmed therapist/s, etc.
  • W-9 tax form which is often requested by accounting

Is your business environment in need of some wellness and productivity? Optimize health in your office and bring Massage Kneads into your office for some “kneaded” stress-relief.

For more information on how we can best meet your “kneads”, contact CEO Janet Constantino through the Contact Us link on our website at for more information.

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Day Program: June 24, 2024
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