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As a proud graduate of The Atlanta School of Massage with almost 19 years of offering massage, the challenges are REAL to be considered when offering mobile chair massage these days!

I still find the work of value and for that I am grateful. However, there are some key priorities which keep me active, healthy and injury free. I highlight them below as it is important to gain insight from many sources to journey forward in this chosen profession; massage.Healthy_Habits_LMT

Here are my practices which help me stay interested and interesting! Although some sound very basic, I feel it is important to incorporate all of these activities or habits each day into my daily routine in and outside of offering massage. 

Thoughts and new habits for 2020~

  • Eat more protein. This helps to curb hunger and diminished energy throughout the day.
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Surround yourself with others; like-minded people and therapists in your local area.
  • Weight training is criticial to keep up my stamina during long days of massage which are often six hours or more chair massage. 
  • Cross-train with other activities to keep your body strong. I prefer yoga, tennis and walking to keep exercise from being too boring.
  • Focus on the client during each and every massage. Easier said than done when in long sessions with multiple clients per day especially during chair massage.
  • Stay quiet and focused. At the beginning of each session, I politely remind them that I will not be talking as it is their session to relax, de-stress, etc. 
  • Offer quiet music which brings calm before the session starts. I often listen to nature music and it seems that all can resonate with common outdoor sounds. 
  • Strive to start and end each appointment on time. This is sometimes tricky when offering chair massage for many hours. At times, clients show up late which can upset the timing for the entire shift and bring stress to me as the therapist. 
  • Continue to be grateful that clients have chosen YOU as their massage professional!
  • Allow time for rest and renewal if your client load becomes too heavy. Many therapists fail at this and eventually burn out WAY too early in their chosen career.
  • Stay updated with local regulations and updates within your state.
  • I rarely offer free massage at local events as it typically does not offer the promised marketing opportunities (or clients) that are hoped for. 
  • Enjoy offering massage as it is a gift that has been given and earned.

MassageKneadsWritten by Janet Constantino, the CEO of Massage Kneads.








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