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LOA’s will not be granted for students who have not successfully completed the Introduction Course of their program. Students will be required to retake all course that were not completed with a passing grade and may be required to retake courses as a review if deemed necessary by the program director. Students placement will depend on space and instructor availability. Students cannot choose or request to be placed in a specific course or class upon return from LOA.

If a student ceases attendance prior to the LOA approval they may be subject to being involuntarily withdrawn. If the student is a Title IV recipient they must meet with Financial Aid prior to being granted a LOA (except for Medical LOA). The approval and length of a Leave Of Absence will be determined individually and based on specific circumstances. However, in no case will an individual Leave Of Absence be granted for a period longer than 180 calendar days.

What are the reasons that you are requesting an LOA?
Please detail the specific type of LOA you are currently seeking.
***Also, be advised you must provide medical/military documentation enforcing why a medical/military LOA is necessary within a calendar week of requesting your LOA to Morgan Pierce at***
Please let us know the date you can return to the program by. MM/DD/YYYY
What are you planning on doing while away on LOA to ensure you are able to come back and finish your programs requirements.
* Student Services will respond to your request within 3 business days. Students requesting LOA are required to continue attending class until approval, when circumstances allow.

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