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Transfer Policy

Students who need to transfer from one schedule to another (for example: transferring from a full-time day program to a part-time weekend program) must notify the Program Director and Registrar. Students must develop a new financial plan with the Financial Aid Officer prior to the transfer. The student must sign a transfer addendum to the Enrollment Agreement. Students requesting to transfer from a full-time to part-time program may be required to request a Leave of Absence if the course required for the student to start where they left off is not scheduled.
Transferring from one session or cohort to another may result in change in federal student aid eligibility and may change the student’s expected completion date. A student will not be allowed to transfer from one schedule to another more than once unless there are extreme circumstances.
Students who enroll and start in one certificate program and choose to transfer to another will be required to officially withdraw from their original program, complete a new application and interview, and also pay the $150 transfer fee. Once all the above is completed, and the fee has been paid to Accounting, a file review will be completed by the original Program Director and Registrar before being submitted to Admissions for program transfer. Students will need to allow 30 business days to complete the withdrawal process before meeting with the Finance Department to complete a new Enrollment Agreement. In some cases, students will not be eligible for the next program start date and will need to wait for the next available class. The school reserves the right to deny all program transfers if the school determines the student will not be able to satisfy the requirements.


What is the date that you would like to be in the new program by?
Please detail the reasons why this new schedule will best support you throughout the remainder of your program.


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